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Türk-Arap Ekonomik Forumu’ndan Notlar

Turkish – Arab Economic Forum Highlights

Mehmet Simsek, Deputy Prime Minister, Republic of Turkey – Opening Session

  • mehmet-simsek-turkish-arab-economic-forumWe suffered from multiple shocks recently but Turkish economy came out strong out of all which shows strong
  • As soon as referandum is over all necessary structural reforms will accelerate.
  • There is a big perception gap between reality and news about the Constitutional Ammendments.
  • As a result of the Constitutional Ammendments, Turkey will achieve stability and this will result in a successful growth trajectory.
  • Some major structural reforms for example are;
  1. Judicial system reform, such as introducing arbitration courts, specialty courts etc.
  2. Labor reform, tax reform, R&D and innovation reform etc.
  3. We have also made progress on restructuring the Angel and Venture Capital investment environment.
  4. Education reforms will also pick up.

Mehmet Bostan, CEO and President, Turkish Sovereign Wealth Fund (TWF) – Keynote Speech

  • Governance Structure of the TWF was designed by the best international governance guidelines.
  • It will be audited by the Prime Ministry and the Parliament.
  • It is aimed to create alternative through a transformation of assets.
  • TWF has 16 companies and real estates in the portfolio.
  • Some wealth funds in the world invest in international assets, some in national companies as minority investments for example.
  • TWF, however will have a different strategic view. TWF will work on improving the value of its portfolio and invest in new companies in local companies for infrastructure investments and other sectors.
  • It can also invest in other funds and use Islamic Finance instruments.

Turkey’s Appeal to FDI Session


Dr. Veyis Fertekligil, Chief Economist, Turkland Bank (T-Bank) has moderated the session. The speakers are Mr. Değer Şahbaz, Founding Partner and Managing Director, Pragma; Mr. Barış Öney, Founder and Managing Partner, Globalturk Capital and Mr. Necmettin Kaymaz, Chief Project Director, ISPAT.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 12 billion dollars invested in Turkey as an FYI last year.
  • Most of the countries investing in Turkey are European countries. The number of Arab countries should be increased.
  • Private Equity Funds have been investing in Turkey for more than 10 years.
  • Most of the FDI transactions in Turkey are tbrough M&A’s.
  • Investors can find Turkish companies to invest in every sector in Turkey. Instead of establishing a company from scratch, they invest in existing companies.
  • There are many opportunities in energy and infrastructure fields in Turkey. Middle Eastern investors could focus on these areas.
  • Middle-eastern investors should find the right partner in the Turkish market to invest.
  • Arab investors are looking for investments in many areas such as energy, health, food etc.
  • To attract more FDI Turkish companies must first merge with each other and grow in size.
  • Political uncertainties are adversely affecting investments, but FDI proceed under all circumstances since they are long term. And the fundamentals of Turkey for the long term are strong.
  • Turkey has emerged from every crisis stronger by learning new lessons.
  • Middle Eastern investors have come to Turkey mostly through their Private Equity investors to date but strategics are also picking up. They also favor real estate investments and like living in Turkey.

Yazar: Barış Öney

Barış Öney
Barış Öney, yatırım öncesi ve sonrası yönetim, halka arz, şirket satınalmaları, CEO, CFO, yönetim kurulu üyesi, yatırım bankacısı, kurumsal finansman danışmanı, stratejik/uluslararası iş geliştirme yöneticisi, proje yöneticisi ve mühendis olarak 28 yılı aşkın tecrübeye sahiptir.


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